Coffee Lovers

  • Malcolm Cox

    Malcolm Cox is a journalist and copywriter with a passion for all things coffee. Having worked as a Starbucks store manager for four years in a previous life, he knows exactly what is needed to make the perfect cup of joe. Malcolm’s favourite coffee is a black americano made with Colombian arabica beans, but he's also partial to the odd espresso shot in the morning. Malcolm wants to use this platform to let everyone know that the bitter, black gravy that people call instant coffee is a scourge on Western civilisation.

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  • Valeria Volo

    Valeria is an Italian student who has made the UK her home. Coffee has always been a massive part of Valeria’s life - as it is for so many Italians. Her morning macchiato is crucial to getting her through her long days of study. She is equally as passionate about cooking and photography, and she combines both in her blogging. Valeria is working towards a professional accountancy qualification, so for her, coffee is as much about fuel for the mind as it is about pleasure. Checkout here Food blog, London blog or follow her on Instagram

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  • Celeste Wong

    Celeste Wong is not only a lover of coffee, she is an industry expert and blogger with more than 10 years of experience. Through her work as a multimedia broadcaster, Celeste regularly shares her passion for coffee with the world - via her blogs and vlogs. She relies on a cup of black filter coffee every morning to get her through the day, although she's also partial to an afternoon flat white from time to time. Celeste has worked as a General Manager and barista in some of London's most prestigious coffee houses, and what she doesn't know about coffee probably isn't worth knowing. You can follow Celeste's coffee journey on Instagram or read her latest posts on her blog - The Girl in the Cafe.

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  • Suzy Dyson

    Suzy is a dancer, personal trainer and lifestyle blogger with a love for coffee. For Suzy, coffee plays a part in her everyday life – from a pre-workout pick me up or having downtime socialising with friends. She is passionate about healthy living, fitness, travelling and happiness and shares these interests in her blog to help motivate and inspire others. Suzy’s morning coffee always has a teaspoon of coconut oil in it to get her through her busy days. Follow Suzy’s blog and catch her latest youtube videos, and see her latest Instagram posts here.

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  • North Star Coffee Roasters

    North Star Coffee Roasters is a respected roastery based in Leeds. This speciality coffee brand is synonymous with quality beans and social responsibility - sourcing only the finest Arabica beans from smallholder coffee plantations and cooperatives around the world. North Star Coffee Roasters is committed to strengthening its already considerable ties with regional coffee growers. The personal relationships they have forged with farmers in Kenya and several other coffee growing countries define their approach to business. Quality and ethical coffee procurement is at the heart of everything North Star does. An ongoing determination to promote re-investment, sustainability and innovation within the coffee growing industry has given North Star Coffee Roasters a stellar reputation throughout the UK and beyond.

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  • Paul Meikle-Janney

    Paul started Coffee Community Ltd. in 1999, after a long career in catering, working in hotels and restaurants in the UK and US, lecturing at Huddersfield University, and being awarded an Acorn Award from the Caterer & Hotelkeeper Magazine in 1998.Coffee Community are barista trainers and consultants for many major coffee retailers, machine manufacturers, dairy companies and other companies throughout the coffee industry, both in the UK and Internationally..Paul has had a long relationship with coffee education helping write the City & Guilds Barista qualification, and qualifications for the SCAE. He currently sits on the SCAE Education Committee and is chair of their creators group. Paul has involved in the World and the UK Barista Championship from the start. He has been Head Judge for the World Latte Art Championship and the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (after being a competitor, coming third in the World in 2006), for four years. He was a board member of World Coffee Events, from 2011 -2012.In 2014, Paul started Dark Woods Coffee, a coffee roasters and training centre (and soon to be café as well) set in a renovated mill set in the Yorkshire countryside.

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