10 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for the Coffee Addict in Your Life

If you’re someone who often finds it difficult to buy the perfect Christmas gift, it might be your lucky day if that special someone in your life is a coffee addict. Coffee drinking in the UK and the rest of Europe has never been so popular, and there have never been so many cool gadgets and coffee-related products to choose from.

Santa has made his list and checked it twice, and he thinks these great Christmas gift ideas are perfect for the coffee addicts in your life.

1. A handheld espresso maker

If your loved one has an espresso addiction, he or she might like the option of making fresh shots on the go. A handheld espresso maker uses a hand-pump system to deliver the pressure needed for great espresso. The Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker uses disposable pods, so all the recipient needs is the water.

2. A coffee subscription

Make sure that special someone in your life never has to endure the stress of running out of coffee again. By purchasing an annual subscription to a speciality coffee provider, your loved one will get fresh beans delivered to their door at least once every month. Among the most popular services in the UK right now include The Coffee Factory, Perky Blenders and Weanie Beans.

3. A gooseneck kettle

Any experienced coffee maker will know that the spout of a standard tea kettle is too wide and short for pouring quality cups of coffee. A gooseneck kettle offers the precision and elegance that befits the coffee drinking experience.

4. A French press travel mug

When it comes to giving the gifts of convenience and quality this Christmas, why not opt for a French press travel mug? The user brews their coffee and drinks it using the same insulated vessel — which is perfect for people who are always on the go… and for those who hate washing up!

5. A cold brew maker

Making cold brews takes time and patience, yet too many people rush the process or simply add ice to standard coffee. A dedicated cold brew coffee maker uses an immersion system to make the process both fast and stylish. The Hario Cold Process Pour-Over Immersion Brewer would look amazing in any kitchen.

6. A coffee ice tray

One of the biggest issues facing the quality of cold brew coffee today is dilution from ice cubes. However, you can solve this problem for good by giving the Fred and Friends Cool Beans Coffee Ice Tray this Christmas. Not only will your ice be infused with coffee, it will come in the shape of coffee beans.

7. A hand coffee grinder

You don’t need to spend a small fortune to give someone the gift of perfectly ground coffee this Christmas. There are some exceptional hand-cranked grinders on the market today that look fantastic. The Hario Skerton Hand Coffee Grinder is lightweight, portable and highly accurate.

8. The Ninja Coffee Bar

The Ninja Coffee Bar is a coffee purist’s dream. Create exceptional coffee every time with an intelligent brewing system that is designed to deliver various coffee strengths depending on the user’s tastes. There’s also the option of creating intense brews for lattes and cappuccinos. The bar comes with a water tank, a thermal or glass carafe and an intelligent heating plate that keeps brewed coffee hot for up to 30 minutes after brewing.

9. A Chemex coffee maker

Bring the science of coffee making into the home of a loved one by giving the Chemex coffee maker this Christmas. Simple, portable and highly effective, a Chemex coffee maker strips back the pretence and technology in favour of a more primitive brewing experience.

10. Aeropress coffee maker

Simple but effective, an AeroPress coffee maker is perfect for making joe in the office or in a hurry. A typical device can make between one to three servings for every press. And the great thing about this little beauty is that it can be used to make standard coffee or an espresso substitute.

Make sure that special coffee addict in your life has a very merry Christmas this year by treating them to one of these fantastic joe-related gifts.