10 Coffee Blogs You Need to Follow

Although I like to think of myself as a coffee aficionado, I always keep my finger on the pulse of the latest news and developments. As a devout coffee drinker, I hate the thought of missing out on something new and exciting because of my ignorance, so I’m always scanning coffee websites and blogs for the latest joe-related gossip.

Over the years, I’ve learned quite a few things about coffee on the internet — despite the fact that I worked for Starbucks as a manager for five years. For instance, I learned how to make a cold brew by reading a blog post written by an 18-year-old student. I also learned how to use an aeropress the same way.

Of course, coffee blogs aren’t just about tutorials and facts, they’re about opinions. It’s always good to get someone else’s opinion on joe — even if it’s a million miles away from my own. And nothing beats a 10-minute break from reality whilst drinking coffee and reading about it at the same time.

Whether you’re keen to widen your knowledge of the coffee bean or you’re simply looking for some joe-related fun, these 10 coffee blogs possess a wealth of pertinent information.

1. Pact Coffee Blog

Pact Coffee makes coffee, but it also talks a lot of coffee sense. This London-based business scours the world for the finest beans, and it only ever deals with farmers directly. There’s a huge amount of advice on brewing, as well as help with selecting the best coffee for your particular tastes.

2. Jimseven

Jimseven is a blog managed by respected coffee industry professional James Hoffman. This guy has forgotten more about joe than I’ll ever know, yet he’s humble and kind enough to share his wisdom with the world. Hoffman’s CV is extraordinary. Not only is the author of The World Atlas of Coffee, he’s a former barista champion and a co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters. If you ever want some accurate information, Jimseven is the place to go.

3. Five Senses

Five Senses is a wholesale coffee company based in Australia. The company prides itself on ethically sourced coffee, and it likes to impart knowledge at every opportunity via its blog. As well as a section coffee shop reviews, Five Senses also includes resources for trainee baristas.

4. Coffee Blog

Coffee Blog is an award-winning British website that features guest writers, cafe reviews, coffee reviews and news on just about every facet of the industry. If you’re looking for a detailed review of grinders and brewing machines, this is the place to go. There is also a very handy registry of UK coffee roasters available on the site.

5. Sprudge

Sprudge is a beautiful website packed with stunning coffee-related photos from around the world. While there is detailed information on just about every area of the industry, Sprudge specialises in travellers’ reports, including coffee lovers’ guides to some of the world’s most famous cities.

6. Perfect Daily Grind

Perfect Daily Grind tells the story of the coffee bean — from plantation to cup. Following this blog should broaden your knowledge of where coffee comes from, and what people have to go through to put it in your cup. There are also regular tutorials and reviews, making this particular site a dream for both beginners and experienced coffee drinkers.

7. Daily Coffee News

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of coffee industry developments, Daily Coffee News is the site for you. It is the brainchild of Roast Magazine, so while it is largely tailored to people working in the industry, it can be a treasure trove of information for the casual coffee drinker.

8. I Need Coffee

This website has been entertaining and educating coffee addicts for more than 18 years, and it is still going strong. I Need Coffee was founded by Michael Allen Smith, who wanted to give ordinary people at home the same skills and level of knowledge that is enjoyed by professional baristas. There are some insanely informative articles on this site, as well as some easy-to-understand brewing and grinding guides.

9. Home Grounds

Home Grounds is another great resource that helps people at home to make the best possible coffee. The site contains detailed guides on everything from steaming milk to pouring the perfect shot of espresso. There are also some in-depth equipment reviews — perfect when you’re thinking about your next coffee related purchase.

10. Coffee Buyer

Coffee Buyer is all about the bean, and how to make the most of it. This site is full of recipes and tips for brewing the perfect joe. If you’re new to the world of coffee, and you’re unsure about how and where to buy your beans, this resource will come in very handy.

Do you have a coffee blog you’d like us to list? Get in touch by making a comment below.