6 Ways Coffee Makes You Beautiful

While I already knew that coffee makes me feel better, I had no idea it was making me more beautiful too. While you might struggle to believe this claim if you’ve ever seen me at 7am on a Monday morning, you can’t argue with the science involved. Coffee makes you prettier, and there is solid evidence to back up this extraordinary claim.

If you stay hydrated and consume no more than 400mg of caffeine a day, your joe could be improving your looks in six very exciting ways.iStock-512043302

1. Coffee brightens up your face

Once you have made your morning coffee, don’t throw the grounds away — as they can do wonders for your skin. A coffee facial scrub can prevent your pores from clogging, brighten your skin and soften any wrinkles you might have. The acid in coffee performs chemical exfoliation, while the grounds do the physical stuff. Just add some epsom salts to your coffee grounds, and rub them into your face every morning.

2. Coffee can boost your hair colour

If you’re a natural brunette, you can give your flowing locks some added depth by using your used coffee grounds as a shampoo. Mix them with some warm water, and apply the coffee paste liberally. The acidity in the coffee will also smoothen your cuticles, which should give your hair a real sheen. If you don’t believe me, just as professional hair colourist Doug Macintosh who does this every day in his New York Salon!

3. Coffee reduces bags and darkness around your eyes

Believe it or not, caffeine is the active ingredient in most potions and lotions designed to brighten eyes and reduce puffiness. When coffee comes into direct contact with the skin, it constricts the blood vessels and dehydrates the surface. Dark circles and bags around your eyes are caused when the lymphatic channel can’t drain properly — caffeine helps to remove the water and get things moving again.

Human skin gets thinner as we age, which exposes the blood vessels around the eyes and causes dark circles. By constricting the blood vessels, caffeine is removing the darkness — albeit temporarily.

4. Coffee can reduce cellulite

Cellulite can affect the fittest and healthiest of people, and it is very hard to remove. But you might be able to reduce its effect (temporarily) by using coffee grounds as a scrub. Rub it into the affected areas of your body to boost the flow of blood to your skin and tighten pores. The caffeine in the coffee will also constrict blood vessels, which will reduce any inflammation and puffiness in the area.

5. Coffee soothes and calms skin

While coffee acts as a stimulant when ingested, it can have the opposite effect when applied to inflamed or red skin. The antioxidants in coffee are good at calming problem areas, which can reverse some of the cosmetic effects of the ageing process.

6. Coffee can improve circulation

People with good blood circulation usually look bright, fresh and generally healthy. Coffee has been shown to deliver various benefits related to the cardiovascular system, but there’s another way you should be using it. Brew some coffee, allow it to cool, then pour it into an ice cube tray. Once frozen, take a coffee cube, rinse it with warm water, and gently run it over your face. I’ve tried this one; it livened up my ugly mug a treat, and drastically reduced the bags and dark circles around my eyes.

So there you have it; coffee is probably more versatile than you ever imagined. Not only does it make you feel better in the mornings, it makes you look better too.